1 carat diamonds

A 1 carat diamond can mean many different things depending on what your final objective is. However, the beauty of a 1 carat diamond stone is valuable, desirable and lovely ‘on’.

1 carat diamond on a budget

When looking for the perfect engagement ring, you may be thinking that the 1 carat diamond should be a consideration, and why not? it doesn’t have to be the most expensive item in the world. You can tone down the colour or clarity to make it fit the pennies you have in the engagement ring pot.

Let’s take a look at a single solitaire engagement ring from the Diamonds Please website, and compare the price points for each selection.

As we have mentioned budget, we will start from low to high and keep the metal option at ’18ct white gold’.

Carat Weight: 1.00(ct)Diamond Colour: JDiamond Clarity: S12Price: £4,492.00

Carat Weight: 1.00(ct)Diamond Colour: IDiamond Clarity: S11Price: £5,286.00

Carat Weight: 1.00(ct)Diamond Colour: HDiamond Clarity: VS2Price: £6,239.00

Carat Weight: 1.00(ct)Diamond Colour: GDiamond Clarity: VS1Price: £7,352.00

Carat Weight: 1.00(ct)Diamond Colour: FDiamond Clarity: VVS2Price: £9,099.00

Carat Weight: 1.00(ct)Diamond Colour: EDiamond Clarity: VVS1Price: £12,564.00

Carat Weight: 1.00(ct)Diamond Colour: DDiamond Clarity: IFPrice: £21,405.00

The table shows the variations of diamond clarity and diamond colour, and how they affect price points when selecting a 1 carat diamond ring. As you can see, the perfect diamond will make a dent in the savings fund. However, you can still purchase a spectacular 1 carat diamond ring that is still of a very high standard, for under 5K.

1 carat diamond styles

A one carat diamond stone can come in many different styles and cuts. The most popular to date would have to be the perfect ’round’ solitaire diamond. A choice that is seen the world over, by many admirers of the diamond stone.

The mighty round diamond shape
round diamond

You, might have a favourite? or are simply mystified by the 1 carat diamond options that are actually available to buy. Let’s discover most of the diamond shapes here.

Square diamond shape
square diamond

Radiant diamond shape
Radiant diamond

Pear diamond shape
Pear diamond

Oval diamond shape
Oval diamond

Marquise diamond shape
Marquise diamond

Heart diamond shape
heart diamond

Emerald diamond shape
Emerald diamond

Cushion diamond shape
Cushion diamond

Asscher diamond shape
Asscher diamond

Each diamond will have different price points, a wonderful glow and fire under different lights, and be set in a stunning ring design, to fully show off the diamond to its astonishing beauty.

1 carat diamond variations

The 1 carat diamond can come in many different variations. To start, we already know about the 1 carat stone. This will be one single diamond set in a ring design of your choice.

The 1 carat diamond ring design

emerald single stone design

Many people would also consider multiple diamond stones, that add up to 1 carat overall, as a 1 carat diamond ring.

For example, you could have two 0.50ct stones that add up to the mighty 1 carat diamond.

Two stone diamond ring
two stone diamond ring

What about the three stone diamond ring? 2 diamonds at 0.33ct ( the middle diamond would be 0.34ct) would also amount to 1.00ct. You can also change the variation of diamonds with these types of rings. You may want a larger stone in the middle and have two slightly smaller diamonds either side. Example,

  • Middle: 0.50ct
  • Right: 0.25ct
  • Left: 0.25ct

Three stone diamond ring

three stone diamond ring

And just for good measure, you can also opt for the magnificence 5 stone option.

Five stone diamond ring

five stone diamond ring

The 1 carat diamond can take many forms. So, if you are thinking about proposing this year, now you are already armed with the necessary information, before purchasing an engagement ring that will make jaws drop.

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