8 luxury engagement rings for 2016


Choosing a luxury engagement ring for 2016 can come with plenty of choices. The competition is huge online and many different designers like to get involved in creating something special every year that will take the world of jewellery by storm. With this in mind, Diamonds Please would like to offer up some of the trends that show what people are actually buying.

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Four Claw Diamond Engagement Ring

four claw diamond engagement ring
This single stone solitaire diamond engagement ring is held in place with a wonderful twist. The natural light can bounce off the bottom intersections and the top of the diamond. This ring gets tried on the most when customers pop into the headquarters via Birmingham. It’s a real wowzer when you look at this design up close. This ring is normally picked if a man is shopping on his own for a surprise proposal.

Diamond shape: Round.

Four claw diamond ring with diamond set shoulders

four claw diamond ring set shoulders
A stunning spectacle of diamonds is presented with this design. Notice how the diamonds are filled on each side of the ring. The oval center stone is used because it has a real elegance when set with the smaller round diamonds on both sides of the engagement ring. Another popular choice online and in the shop for young couples looking to get engaged.

Diamond shape: Round and Oval.

The four claw modern edge finish

four claw modern edge finish
Another 4 claw design but with a modern stylish edge to finish. This design really shows off the diamond shape. In this case, it’s called the princess diamond cut. Many high profile professionals tend to go for this design, such as solicitors, or business owners in finance. The edges seem to attract them into this stone that is cut with a significant purpose.

Diamond shape: Princess.

Curved bevelled oval diamond engagement ring

oval diamond engagement ring
Say hello to this fabulous bevelled set diamond engagement ring. This ring is designed to show off the oval diamond to its fullest potential. The light flows in from the bevelled edge design, allowing it to fire on any social setting. This ring tends to popular in gold and platinum.

Diamond shape: Oval.

Pear shaped engagement ring

pear shaped diamond engagement ring
A real ‘avant-garde’ pear solitaire with a popular twist. This is another wowzer when it’s taken out of the display case. The pear shape diamond holds real luxury with it’s beautifully designed cuts. This attracts sporty individuals who have a passion for flair and romance.

Diamond shape: Pear.

Marquise Engagement Ring

Marquise diamond engagement ring
A ring that looks like a film star and should be on the hand of a Bond girl. The marquise engagement ring drips in style and sophistication. This ring tends to look even more exciting with a larger stone. It’s a head turner and so it should be with those modern lines of thoughtful architecture.

Diamond shape: Marquise.

Emerald Engagement Ring

emerald engagement ring
This unusual but luxury design is sought after by the matured audience. The unique design is what makes it popular for 2016. The emerald diamond stone looks wonderful set in this solid heavy ring. It’s a bit of a showoff once placed on the finger of the lucky wearer.

Diamond shape: Emerald.

Eight Stone Engagement Ring

eight stone diamond engagement ring
To finish and match the main title of the article. We had to include the eight stone modern twist diamond engagement ring. Notice how the design of the ring, let’s light fall into each puddled diamond stone. Outside in the light, this diamond ring will sparkle it’s heart out for you. A ring designed to capture the imagination of the creative thinker. This ring has become very popular for 2016.

Diamond shape: Round.

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