A Christmas Gemstone

Fancy Coloured Stone Jewellery

Any gemstone can be thought of as a Christmas gemstone, but with the colours of the ruby, emerald or diamond, you can’t get more classic?

Ruby Red – Energy and Passion

There are numerous shades of red seen around at Christmastime. Traditional decorations like the Christmas wreath, containing fruit of the holly bush and the floral display of the poinsettia plant. Just two of nature’s reminders that the festive season is upon us.

ruby ring

The spirit of Christmas comes alive when we see Santa Claus sat upon his great chair, greeting excited children whilst dressed in his famous red velvet costume. And the most famous member of Santa’s team, Rudolph, uses his glowing red nose to guide Santa on his sleigh, helping him to carry out his Christmas eve deliveries.

We all have heard of the ‘little black dress’, well, just as popular now is the classy red dress. Christmas parties and meals out are popular occasions for wearing red dresses/outfits, and always brighten up a festive room.
So, what better than an item of jewellery containing a beautiful ruby to compliment the Christmas season?

Emerald Green – Nature, Health and Wealth

Green is seen all around us as Christmastime. Our homes, workplace, shops, and restaurants dressed in boughs of holly, woven ivy and not forgetting the magical mistletoe. Another way of nature letting us know Christmas is on its way.

Emeralds and Diamonds
Just selected the Emerald and Diamonds for setting into the Ring

Real Christmas trees, with lush dark green branches, giving off the aroma of the spruce, adorning our homes, shopping centres, towns and villages. Artificial green trees, only seeing the light of day for one month of the year, decorated with baubles, chocolates and lights. More great reminders of the Christmas season.

Not everyone can pull off wearing green clothing. But if you can then do it! It’s a colour which portrays luxury, and a closeness to nature.

Diamond Decadence – Purity, Prosperity, Love

Winter frost, icicles, and a carpet of snow on the ground, all resemble the qualities of a diamond. The crystal-clear diamond glistens in the light of day and evening twilight, giving a real sense of splendor at Christmas. Set in a ring, pendant or bracelet, diamond jewellery will always look amazing.


Any outfit would be complemented with a piece of jewellery set in diamond, but what better than an outfit with sparkly sequins or fur?

This stone represents purity, prosperity and love. So, be spoiled this Christmas and get treated to a beautiful diamond.

Ruby, emerald and diamond just three wonderful stones to consider this Christmas.

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