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The world of jewellery expands beyond the workshops, storefront and amazing staff all working around the clock to bring perfect diamond jewellery to you every day. We attend exhibitions, are members of charity organisations, we go to events, balls and other exciting occasions. We understand the latest jewellery news and celebrity gossip. We also have to keep up to date with different standards, diamond grading, jewellery news, trends and fashion. If we don’t know what our customers want, we are not doing our job right. In This section of the blog, we will give you an insight into what happens behind the scenes at Diamonds Please.

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When choosing which earrings to wear, there are a few things to consider. Ideally, the earrings need to match the shape of your face, your hairstyle, the outfit you’re wearing, and the occasion – whether it’s formal or informal. Use this guide to determine your face shape, and how to […]

knuckle rings

There is a subtle trend all over the UK and around the world that’s been happening for some time, and that is wearing midi rings. But what is a midi ring? If you don’t know what a midi ring is then quite simply, it’s a ring that sits nicely in-between […]


Popular in the 1970’s, the charm bracelet was worn by old and young and was a much-desired piece of jewellery. But, fashion trends come and go. And one such trend which has declined over the years is the charm bracelet. The charm bracelet usually has links in a curb pattern […]


One of the oldest known forms of body modification is ear piercing. We know that the practice dates back at least 5,000 years due to the discovery of Ötzi the Iceman’s mummy, who died in a valley of the Alps known as Ötztal, for which the mummy was named. As […]


If you are a person born in the month of November you are fortunate enough to have two birthstones, Citrine and Topaz. The History of Birthstones It is thought that the idea of birthstones – a gemstone for each month of the year – is an ancient one. Scholars trace […]


Here at Diamonds Please we offer a huge range of luxury diamond engagement rings accommodating a variety of budgets. We may not have supplied the engagement rings mentioned below, but we have been involved in some ‘celebrity’ one off pieces. Obviously, we honour their confidentiality, as we do with all […]


Perhaps it’s the contagious festive spirit, the Christmas tunes playing on the radio, or the relaxed warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy from all the mulled wine. What better time than the Christmas season to pop that all important question. Have a leisurely browse at our Diamonds Please Luxury Engagement […]

jewellery box

Most girls are given a jewellery box some time in their life. Maybe on her Christening day, birthday, or at Christmas time. The contents of which grow throughout the years, creating a box full of memories. I remember my first jewellery box well. It had a pretty ballerina dancing when […]

engagement ring choosing

Choosing the right ring to complement your hand When buying a diamond engagement ring always consider the shape, and what it will look like sat upon your finger. Obviously, the most popular choice of shape is the round diamond. In the right setting it looks great on any ladies’ hand. […]