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Knowing how big a diamond will look on your hand (finger) can be an important factor for many individuals. Buying a diamond ring is a costly event and getting this purchase right, needs to have some consideration and thought behind it.

Carat size is also distinguishable through cost. A 1.00 carat diamond for example, will be significantly more expensive than a 0.70, 0.80 or a 0.90 carat. You will also have to consider the cut, clarity, shape and colour of a diamond. These also have cost factors you will have to consider before you decide on what diamond you want.

Top tip;

You may consider buying a big diamond such as a 1.00 carat stone, but be willing to have a lower cut, clarity and colour specification. You can buy a large stone with a lower budget in mind, but be prepared for a lower quality stone.

Hand Size

The diamond ring can suit different hand and finger shapes. Does a small hand need a huge stone? It might not be the picture you painted once the ring is slipped on.

Diamonds Please recommendations:

  1. Small hand – small fingers – suits smaller diamonds. (Remember a small diamond with perfect colour, clarity and cut can be more expensive than a larger diamond).
  2. Small hand – long fingers – suits medium diamond sizes.
  3. Medium hand size with small finger length – suits medium diamond sizes.
  4. Medium hand size with long fingers – suits medium to large diamonds.
  5. Large hand size – suits medium to large diamonds.

Diamond Shape

Diamond size can also work well with the diamond shape. If you really want a larger diamond that stands out, but you have a small hand shape. Consider looking at a Marquise diamond or a pear shaped diamond. These shaped diamonds can make your finger look longer. The diamond shape works with the shape of your hand.

Marquise Diamond
Marquise Diamond

Diamond Size Interactive Guide

Diamonds Please have a brilliant interactive diamond size checker. It comes complete with a number of great options such as

  • Diamond Shape selector.
  • Tone of skin selector.
  • Diamond size real life scale.
  • Diamond education panel to give you even more advice.

Click on the image below to get started.

interactive diamond size guide

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