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There is a subtle trend all over the UK and around the world that’s been happening for some time, and that is wearing midi rings. But what is a midi ring? If you don’t know what a midi ring is then quite simply, it’s a ring that sits nicely in-between your top two knuckles. They’re also conveniently called “knuckle rings”, but I way prefer the term “midi”, as this sounds more feminine.

Commonly, delicate and tiny vintage rings are chosen to adorn the upper digits. But there is no definite rule to this. Why not wear a ring which is too small to wear in the usual way? It can look fabulous as a midi ring, rather than left tucked away somewhere, just because it doesn’t fit the normal way.

Claw Set Eternity Ring
Claw Set Eternity Ring

You don’t have to stick with one type of metal. Rings in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver or a base metal all look fabulous together. The same goes for the design of the rings. You can mix and match many designs giving a creative and diverse touch.

These classic rings can take on new life and add a fun twist. Why not pair a solid gold ring with a delicate silver midi ring above it? By having nothing else on your hand, you are making this your staple piece and showing off a cool way to mix metals while doing it!

Best priced jewelllery
Best priced jewelllery

Hugging your finger like a shiny pretty extension of your knuckle is what these rings are all about. Stylist tip: Stack the midi rings in order, to create a bigger impact!
Because these rings sit half way up your finger it is advisable to go for something a little dainty, as you don’t want them getting in the way of everyday activities. But if you feel you will be comfortable with more chunky rings, then go for it!

eternity ring collection

Frequently you’ll see this style in stackable form and dainty ones are particularly popular. They’re quite possibly the cutest, chicest, and most subtle way to accessorize your fingers.

Balance is one of the things to consider when wearing this type of ring if you like things uniform. Consider wearing a stack of four or five similar rings on the first finger, a tall simple design on your middle finger, and then a stack of different sized rings on your ring finger. That way you get near-uniform ring height across your hand without it looking overwhelming.

Thumb rings and ones for the “little pinky” finger look great too, adding more bling. This trendy style is unique, hip, and is a sure attention-grabber. So, mix and match, layer them on and create a unique look.

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