More and more people are giving a personal touch their partners wedding band, adding a little more sentimental value to it. There are many ways to personalise a ring of matrimony. Some more easily done than others, and some more, or less expensive. Here at Diamonds Please we have had […]

Garnet Ring

Garnet the gemstone of January The symbol of friendship and loyalty When cut and polished its magic released Purifies blood, heart, curing lung disease Gives power over mental and physical health Promoting great confidence in oneself Black, colourless, shades of red and green Protects against wounds, poisons, bad dreams. Monthly […]

natural- blood stone

Aquamarine Birthstone of March being Aquamarine From a pastel shade to a dark blue sheen Promising safe journeys and protection to men It once became known as the sailor’s gem Constructed first eye glasses in Italy Gave shortsighted people the gift to see Middle ages cut into a crystal ball […]

diamond cuts

Round Diamond Cut The round diamond is the most popular diamond shape accounting for approximately 75% of all diamonds sold. Of all the rounds, the round brilliant cut is ranked number one. These diamonds cost more per carat basis because more of the rough stone is lost in the cutting […]


One of the oldest known forms of body modification is ear piercing. We know that the practice dates back at least 5,000 years due to the discovery of Ötzi the Iceman’s mummy, who died in a valley of the Alps known as Ötztal, for which the mummy was named. As […]

diamond engagement rings for 2017

Engagement rings are the rings of many a persons’ dream. To be asked your hand in marriage and be presented with a beautiful engagement ring is an unforgettable experience. Even years later, when looking upon the ring, it can stir up fond memories of that special time in one’s life. […]


If you are a person born in the month of November you are fortunate enough to have two birthstones, Citrine and Topaz. The History of Birthstones It is thought that the idea of birthstones – a gemstone for each month of the year – is an ancient one. Scholars trace […]


Here at Diamonds Please we offer a huge range of luxury diamond engagement rings accommodating a variety of budgets. We may not have supplied the engagement rings mentioned below, but we have been involved in some ‘celebrity’ one off pieces. Obviously, we honour their confidentiality, as we do with all […]