Need some inspiration for your wedding ring signature? The wedding ring inscription process can be a real unexpected treat or planned process, that will make you both smile. You can keep it serious or why not just have a little fun? With this in mind, we have put together some […]

graduation jewellery

The big graduation day is a time of significance, especially if your partner, children or loved ones have been working hard to achieve a new status, with their hard earned degree in their chosen subject. If you are looking for something that will commemorate the day and will remind them […]


If you’re considering buying some lovely summer jewellery for 2016? We may be able to help. As the hotter months roll over us and we bask in the gorgeous sunshine. What jewellery works bests with light clothes and soft sandals? Diamonds Please have selected their hottest jewellery for 2016. Hopefuly […]

1 Carat Diamond

1 carat diamonds

A 1 carat diamond can mean many different things depending on what your final objective is. However, the beauty of a 1 carat diamond stone is valuable, desirable and lovely ‘on’. 1 carat diamond on a budget When looking for the perfect engagement ring, you may be thinking that the […]

single solitaire diamond ring

If you’re out shopping on the high street or maybe browsing through your tablet for engagement ring ideas. You might be stumped by the term ‘solitaire diamond’ what does it mean and why use it? When describing a diamond ring set with a single stone, the word solitaire is used […]

five stone engagement ring

Say hello to our 5 stone diamond ring. A really lovely design that accentuates the fire of each diamond. This ring has been inspired by the multiple stone selection options on the Diamonds Please website. We have a range of 2 stone, 3 stone, 4 stone and now the 5 […]

red ruby

“The glimmering Ruby should be worn, By all those who in July are born, For thus they’ll be exempt and free, From lover’s doubts and anxiety”. Birthstone/Natal stone There are numerous traditions that have developed over the centuries that connect a particular gemstone to your birth month. These are known […]

coloured diamonds

Diamonds are just like a snowflake – no two are completely alike. Each has its unique shade and set of characteristics, but they do have two things in common: a stunning appearance and a remarkable rarity. A chemically pure and structurally perfect diamond is perfectly transparent with no hue or […]

flower engagement rings

The time will come for every man or woman to consider that question. Yes! that question “Will you marry me?” What a question it is. The words ‘important’ or ‘significant’ spring to mind when deciding on this eventful moment in time. So, what are your options? When it comes to […]