Proposing with a bouquet of diamonds

flower engagement rings

The time will come for every man or woman to consider that question. Yes! that question “Will you marry me?” What a question it is. The words ‘important’ or ‘significant’ spring to mind when deciding on this eventful moment in time. So, what are your options? When it comes to engagement rings we might be able to help you out. The clue is in the company name, Diamonds Please.

To start us off, we might want to consider luxury, then onto diamonds, and finally, design.

Proposing with the luxury of diamonds

Luxury defines the purpose of the diamond engagement ring. Because of the delicate process, each ring has to go through for its final purpose, it reflects the cost of the final item. Here you can see the process:

  1. Sourcing diamonds which have been mined abroad
  2. Cutting and shaping the diamond
  3. Certifying the diamond with a certificate by a professional body
  4. Buying the diamonds
  5. Designing the ring
  6. Modeling the ring through Cad
  7. Creating a wax prototype
  8. Casting the design using sourced precious metals including Gold, Platinum or Palladium
  9. Setting the diamond in the ring
  10. Polishing the metal and stone
  11. Presenting the diamond ring in a wonderful box and packaging.

Many products will go through the same process, however, this is luxury jewellery and everything has to be completed by a skilled hand.

Proposing with considered designs

Now onto the exciting part, Design! Choosing the perfect ring and making it a considered choice is worth the patience. Without wasting any more time, here are a handful of designs worth considering.

The Flower Engagement Ring

flower engagement ring
Proposing with a bouquet of diamonds can be achieved with this magnificent engagement ring called ‘the flower engagement ring’ It’s sharp petals and stunning creation, represents the tranquil symmetry of nature’s perfection. Diamonds Please offers a stunning collection of diamond flowers, wrapped in a ring design, making the art of proposing very special indeed. These types of diamond rings are also known as cluster diamond rings.

A ring that works well with a bunch of colourful light roses to complement the proposal offering.
white roses

The Chilean blue crocus sapphire and diamond ring

sapphire diamond ring three stones
Opting for a three stone diamond ring can mean three eternal promises, or three significant moments in time that define who you both are as a couple.

  • A diamond for each child
  • Proposing after the 3rd year
  • Your third holiday away together
  • 30 years of marriage – each diamond represents 10 years together
  • Your third home together
  • Three memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

The three fiery stones hold significance and look fantastic when placed on the ring finger. This very unique three stone ring is also called the sapphire and diamond halo ring. The tones of the deep, rich blue centre stone, works wonderfully with the two white diamonds either side. A reminder of how the elegance of a perfectly set ring, can look very beautiful on the ring finger.

A ring that can be presented with some hand picked Chilean blue crocuses.

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus (Liliaceae)
Tecophilaea cyanocrocus by Leyb

The Emerald of significance

emerald diamond engagement ring

The emerald engagement ring holds a powerful message. It’s depth and thick contours demand respect in the world of diamond engagement rings. Especially, when diamonds are placed on the shoulders and flow through the ring, all while pointing to the center diamond stone. The sparkle is like a wonderful flower that projects a fireworks display of colour and perfection.

The emerald solitaire engagement ring, commands sophistication and will work well with a single, deep coloured red rose.
single red rose

Marquise shaped aquamarine & diamond ring

marquise aquamarine diamond ring
When looking to propose, you may have something very different in mind. Your partner may have a very colourful personality that reminds you of all the great times you had and still have together. A colourless diamond may seem a little plain and unthoughtful. The marquise aquamarine may be the answer to what you seek. A splendour of blues, hints of yellows and greens, makes this gemstone ring, surrounded with an array of diamonds look absolutely gorgeous. This is a 5.4 carat spectacle that sits high on the finger to really show off the fire of the gemstone and diamonds.

The marquise ring sits well on a bed of apple blossom, ready for the memory of the perfect proposal.
apple blossom

7 stone clover ring

seven stone clover ring
Introducing the seven stone clover ring. A luxurious cluster of diamonds representing, the lucky clover with a seven stone twist. The diamonds sweep around the centre cluster design and down the shoulders to create a stunning look, suitable for the perfect proposal offering. Notice the curve in the shoulder of the ring which helps accentuate the sparkle of the stones, as they work together at the top of the diamond ring.

This truly represents the title of this article, ‘proposing with a bouquet of diamonds’. This ring would look stunning with a handful of pink and white roses.
pink nd white roses

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