The smoky shades of platinum engagement rings


Platinum engagement rings have a very distinctive grey tone about them. The precious metal that surrounds the stone, helps magnify the perfectly cut diamond. Imagine a heavy foggy day, with glistening specks of clouds surrounding your limited vision. The Sun shines through a break in the clouds and you feel it’s warmth through your body, and then you can instantly see spectacles of rainbow light bouncing off the bushes and trees. Or maybe it’s like a Sun shining through the solar system, supplying light to its orbiting planets. Among the billions of galaxies falling through the black grey universe. It’s a moment that can make you smile and remind you of the beautiful platinum engagement ring, you are wearing or just about to purchase.

Platinum has become a strong alternative among the likes of gold, silver and palladium. Couples tend to choose this type of luxury metal, because they want something very personal. It seems that being different to the norm, is actually a better choice for more and more people. It makes couples feel original and unique.

So, what’s all this talk about platinum being so high on the trend radar for 2016 and beyond? Let’s take a look at the qualities of platinum and see why it’s used in beautiful engagement rings.

Platinum engagement rings are rare.

Well, it depends on how you define the term rare! Thousands of people actually own a platinum engagement ring. However, Platinum is actually one of the rarest metals on the planet. This ‘rare’ factor is the reason why the metal is used in jewellery. There is a significant demand for Platinum, and the use for its quality and properties go beyond luxury jewellery. The metal can be found in car parts, mobile phones and aeroplanes.

The careful engagement ring purchaser, can be influenced by the lustre of the platinum grey tones and visual modern splendour.

platinum 3 stone engagement ring
Platinum 3 stone engagement ring

Platinum engagement rings will last through the ages.

This luscious precious metal is very strong, making it perfect for a ring that will be worn everyday. This is not to say it can’t be damaged. Most metals will scratch or dent, however, Platinums malleability makes it withstand stress. This means it won’t simply bend like gold. Platinum keeps it shape, making it a perfect metal for setting diamonds.

Platinum single stone solitare engagement ring
Platinum single stone solitare engagement ring

Platinum engagement rings are naturally hypo-allergenic

Platinum engagement rings are most important for people with a low tolerance to metal touching the skin. Allergy sufferers or for people with sensitive skin, seem to suffer the most with this problem. However, Platinum is naturally ‘hypo-allergenic’. This means you can wear the ring on a daily basis and not come out in rashes, blemishes, scratchy or swollen skin.

Top Tip: Keep the ring clean from dirt and skin build up.

Platinum cluster engagement ring
Platinum cluster engagement ring

Platinum engagement rings define luxury

Platinum engagement rings not only look very sophisticated, they feel very expensive. The weight and glowing grey tones of this precious metal, change people’s minds when they put the ring on. When comparing it to gold, silver and palladium, this metal is significantly heavier.

Platinum doesn’t need plating. This fact allows you to see the natural colours shining through it’s polished mirrored surface.

Platinum halo engagement ring
Platinum halo engagement ring

Platinum engagement rings are expensive.

Unfortunately, platinum comes at a cost, due to it’s rare and demand factor. The price of platinum will exceed all other luxury metals. A good alternative would be White Gold or Palladium. Platinum is also very popular with wedding rings, many couples tend to choose from the ‘classic plain wedding band’ collection.

Platinum diamond twist engagement ring
Platinum diamond twist engagement ring

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