Stud, hoop, or drop earrings?


When choosing which earrings to wear, there are a few things to consider. Ideally, the earrings need to match the shape of your face, your hairstyle, the outfit you’re wearing, and the occasion – whether it’s formal or informal.

Use this guide to determine your face shape, and how to choose the best earrings for it.

Round Face

If you have a round face shape, meaning the widest point of your face is your cheeks, and you have no taper to the chin, then you have a round face. Try to avoid large circular earrings, hoops and studs, as they emphasize the roundness. And stay away from drop earrings with a dangling round disc. To elongate the face and make it look slimmer choose:

  • Longer dangling earrings
  • Elongated teardrop earrings
  • A chain with a stone set on the end
  • Earrings with a cascade of gemstones.

tear drop earings

Narrow Face

A narrow face is long and slim. The jaw, cheeks and forehead are all about the same width. Choose earrings that emphasize the width of your face and make it look fuller.
To add fullness to a narrow face, choose:

  • Round, pear, gemstone or any “button” stud style
  • Pearl clusters and gemstone clusters
  • Long dangling earrings with round shapes
  • Short dangling earrings to add softness to the face.

dangly earrings

Heart Face

A heart face is narrowest at the chin, getting gradually wider, with the widest area being the forehead. To accentuate this shape, and soften the look of a pointier chin, choose:

  • Long earrings that feature softly curving shapes
  • Ornate chandelier earrings
  • Long teardrops in metal, gemstone or diamond styles.

Diamond Face

You can recognize a diamond face shape by the prominent cheekbones. The forehead area and the chin are narrower than the center of the face. As with the heart shape, you will accentuate those cheekbones with:

  • Long, dangling earrings that feature softly curving shapes
  • Ornate chandelier earrings
  • Long teardrop earrings
  • Avoid earrings with a diamond shape — they won’t harmonize as well with your face and might overemphasize the widest part of your face.

Earrings to wear with certain hairstyles

The “Updo”

If you are wearing an “updo”, your hair will not frame your face, so you will need your earrings to do that. The best earrings that will frame your face are dangles, as they will elongate your face but also draw eyes upwards and towards your face. Because dangles are so versatile, you can find the right pair for every event and style.

Hair down

For the hair down style, the best earrings are simple clusters. Clusters are made up of a number of different stones and materials. They can still be bold even if they aren’t danglers. Long hair can become tangled in dangling earrings and that is certainly not great. But something like a flower cluster is perfect.

cluster earrings

Braids and Ponytails

Pretty much any earring that doesn’t get caught up in the hair is suitable for hairstyles such as the soft ponytails and braids. Teardrops and chandeliers look great, as do studs and hoops.

The Bun

Wearing your hair in a bun shows off elegance and sophistication and so your earrings should too. A great option for this hairstyle is delicate dropper earrings. If you choose to have loose strands of hair to frame your face or cover your forehead, dropper earrings will still work perfectly but keep them on the smaller side.

Half-Up: Let your hair styled in a “half up’ way do the talking and let your earrings take a back seat. Opt for a simple stud or wear no earrings at all.

High Updo: For a high updo like a topknot or high ponytail, wear a special earring because your face is on full display and the earrings should draw attention to your best features like your cheekbones. Dangling earrings or a delicate strand earring is a perfect choice. Keep them bold, but simple.

Short length

Short hair is sometimes difficult to restyle in different ways. So, earrings are a simple answer to styling this length of hair, for either a special occasion or even just the workplace. You will need to consider your ears, face shape and hair texture. Avoid big, bulky and overwhelming earrings and go for hoops or simple studs.

Asymmetrical short cut

Covering one side of the face more than the other is the asymmetrical short haircut. You can wear really bold earrings such as pearl droppers, studs or danglers. And the bonus with this hairstyle is that you don’t have to worry about long hair getting tangled or short hair covering your ears.

diamond stud earrings

The best earrings for work and play.

Work or Office: To give an air of authority choose classic styles in gold. The more conservative the office, the more conservative the earring. Executive dressing means no dangly or hoop earrings. If you are in very traditional, conservative field like law and finance avoid large earrings. In the non-office workplace, it doesn’t really matter what style of earring you choose to wear. So, just wear some that are comfortable and look good.

work earrings

After Work: Forget the simple studs, loosen up and wear medium to large hoops or dangling glitzy earrings. Show off your personality with some earrings that reflect your fun side.

play earrings

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