Summertime Jewellery


Probably the best time to appreciate our jewellery is during the summer. We tend to have more skin on show in the warmer months, giving us the opportunity to exhibit some beautiful pieces of jewellery.

We have less need for neck scarves, long sleeved tops, and long trousers. All giving way to low neck tops, short sleeved shirts, cut off trousers and shorts – exposing our sun-kissed skin.

Long hair is quite often worn down in colder months, giving a type of insulation around our neck. But in warmer months it tends to be tied up, not only revealing necklines but our ears too. Whether wearing stud, hoops, dropper, pierced or non-pierced earrings, their sparkling display is delightful.

diamond earrings

With bare necklines revealed, what better opportunity would we have to show off and enjoy our beautiful collarettes, pendants, chains and strings of pearls.

Ankles also become visible in the summer after being enclosed in winter clothing. Skirts, dresses, shorts and cut off trousers all give way to revealing delicate or chunky anklets.

With wrists uncovered after being protected from the winter and autumn elements, bangles, tennis bracelets and cuffs all get a chance to unveil themselves.

diamond bracelet super flex
Diamond bracelet super flex

Hands show the after effects of cooler months, becoming pale and unattractive. Once they receive a pampering of quality hand cream and a few days of gentle exposure to the sun, they are ready to be adorned with rings. Yellow, white or rose gold glisten in the summer sun as does silver and platinum too.

blue topaz diamond ring

Warmer months also means wearing clothes in an array of wonderful colours, from pastel shades to vibrant ones. Why not compliment your summer outfit with a piece of jewellery incorporating a matching coloured gemstone?

yellow peridot diamond bracelet

Any coloured gemstone would look great with a white outfit and a diamond set piece of jewellery will compliment any colour of clothing.

Even if it’s not a sunny summer’s day, wearing a lovely piece of jewellery can brighten up anyone’s day.

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