A Three Stone Ring with Meaning


The three stone ring is also known as the trinity or trilogy ring and is a ring that has a deep romantic symbolic meaning.

Whether it’s a diamond engagement ring or an anniversary ring, the three stone ring is a perfect choice for the sentiments you want to express; and will remain a tradition that will likely remain strong for generations to come.

three stone diamond engagement ring

There are many different interpretations as to what the three stone ring really signifies. It is a symbol of how your relationship together is timeless. The three stones in this ring are known to signify a phase of our life; learn from the past, live in the present and hope for a wonderful future. It also has a religious significance attached to it. It is said to represent the Holy Trinity, with diamonds depicting the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Alternatively, the ring can symbolize friendship, love and fidelity.

So many meanings for one ring!

While many couples go for the ever-popular diamond solitaire, there are those who want to explore other ring styles. Among these styles is the trendy and chic three stone ring.

The variations to this ring are numerous. With the three stone round diamond style being a popular choice. Usually, the stones are all the same size but there is no reason why the centre stone can’t be slightly larger than the two stones flanking it.

three stone engagement ring

You may wish to consider a centre diamond, flanked by coloured gemstones or vice versa.

The ring may be claw set or channel set. Set in a halo design, or even have an art deco appearance.

A simple but elegant round stone set as the centre stone is favoured by many. But, why not choose a heart, or oval shape, or maybe a princess cut for something a little different? You could consider a round centre stone flanked by two pear-shaped stones or princess cut stones.

Coloured gemstones can look fabulous in the three stone ring. A stunning blue sapphire, a luxurious red ruby or an elegant emerald all give an impressive appearance. There are birthstones for all twelve months of the year, so why not choose one of these relevant to her birth month?

The options for this ring go on and on…

3 stone diamond ring

If you are surprising a loved one with one of these stunning rings and are not sure if they would like a coloured gemstone, probably the safest option is to pick one with stunning diamonds.

Prince Harry presented a three stone engagement ring to Meghan Markle which he helped create with Cleave and Company, Court Jewellers and Medallists to Her Majesty The Queen. The romantic prince had diamonds belonging to his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales set into the stunning ring.

Choose a three stone ring for your loved one… she won’t be disappointed!

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