The Traditional Charm Bracelet

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Popular in the 1970’s, the charm bracelet was worn by old and young and was a much-desired piece of jewellery. But, fashion trends come and go. And one such trend which has declined over the years is the charm bracelet.

The charm bracelet usually has links in a curb pattern and tends to be cast in gold or silver, incorporating a padlock style catch, usually in the shape of a heart, along with a safety chain for extra security. With the added option of attaching various designs of charms.

This bracelet is very versatile. It may be worn just as it is, or with as many individual charms as desired; making it attractive to many.

jasmine ruby diamond bracelet

Not only is the charm bracelet a good-looking piece of jewellery, when decorated in charms it can reflect one’s personality or journey in life. Charms show off a person’s interests such as a hobby or love of animals or nature and can commemorate a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, birth of a child, graduation or religious celebration; all good reasons to add one to a bracelet. Even the shortest of glances at a charm bracelet can stir up one’s emotions, making us reflect on events of the past. When warn and the wrist is moved, the charms make a distinctive ‘chink’ sound as each charm hits the next.

multicoloured sapphire and diamond bracelet

Below is a short list of charms and what each of them represents:

  • Clam shell – fertility
  • Cross – a blessed life
  • Dog – loyalty
  • Egg – birth of life
  • Elephant – never forget
  • Flip flop – travel and carefree days
  • Four leaf clover – luck
  • Heart – true love
  • High heeled shoe – style and glamour
  • Monkey nut – good times
  • Rosette – success
  • Star – wishes can come true
  • Suitcase – travel and adventure
  • Treble clef – harmony

Sadly, over the years this type of bracelet has declined in popularity. Many of these bracelets have been left and sometimes forgotten in jewellery boxes or have been scrapped. Almost definitely, old charm bracelets will be worth much more in today’s scrap value than the price they were originally bought for. For many, this makes it an attractive option to scrap it and use the money for something else.

Should you fancy the idea of wearing this iconic piece of jewellery again, retrieve it from where it has been safely stored, give it a good clean and maybe get the links checked to ensure they are still secure. Who knows, you may influence others to do the same.

yellow peridot diamond bracelet

If you don’t believe you will wear your charm bracelet again, why not give it away, sell it at auction, store it away for a rainy day or leave it for someone to inherit.

There are modern day versions of the traditional charm bracelet such as Pandora, Chamilia, or simple curb bracelets with a T-bar which fits through a disc usually in the shape of a heart.

On a final note……It’s nice to know that the charm bracelet has not been completely forgotten – The American singer and songwriter, Mariah Carey, released an album in 2002 named ‘Charmbracelet’. According to Carey, love is the album’s main theme, and the songs combine introspective and personal themes with celebration and fun. Isn’t that what the traditional charm bracelet’s message is?

Is it time we gave the charm bracelet a new lease of life?

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