What to do with your valuable unwanted jewellery.

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There are many reasons why we have unwanted jewellery tucked away in a place such as an old jewellery box or in the top drawer of a dressing table. Usually, they are stored away for many years and over time become forgotten.

Maybe you’re just fed up of wearing the same old pieces and have chosen to wear ones which fit your current lifestyle or mood. Or simply, they could be broken and require a quick repair, but you just haven’t got around to it.

Perhaps they are from someone in the past who you would prefer to forget about, or you have inherited them. Either way, maybe it’s time to have a sort out.

Past relationship

This is a common reason for not wanting to keep certain pieces of jewellery. Maybe someone bought you jewellery for a Christmas or birthday present, or you have an engagement or wedding ring (or both) from a previous partner and don’t want these pieces around you as a reminder of the not so good times. Now is a good time to decide what to do with them.

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Sometimes we inherit jewellery as a kind gesture from a person wishing to pass on jewellery of sentimental value. These items don’t always suit our tastes or look good on us when we try them on, and instead of storing them away we should do something with them. Alternatively, we may like to keep them.

If the inherited jewellery was worn a lot in the past, the metal may be worn thin and will need looking at by a jewellery before you wear it, just to ensure it is strong enough to withstand more wear and tear. Links and clasps on chains and bracelets can wear down and weaken, ring shanks can become very thin and the claws holding precious stones may be worn, causing the stone to become loose. So, before wearing an inherited item that you’re going to keep, it is advisable to get it checked over by a jeweller and repaired if necessary, as these items can easily break and become lost.

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Change in taste

Over the years your taste may change, and wearing certain jewellery doesn’t appeal to you anymore. Or you may be just fed up of wearing the same pieces day in and day out.

In the future, you may choose to wear them again or decide that you really do not like them anymore and no longer want to own them.

Solutions to unwanted jewellery:

For whatever reason, you have chosen not to wear some of your jewellery items and are not sure what to do with them, we at Diamonds Please have compiled a list suggesting some options available to you:


Around the country are various auction rooms giving you the opportunity to sell your unwanted pieces. Do your homework though, as commission fees can be quite steep and you may not get the money you are expecting from the sale.

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A second-hand jewellery shop is another option to consider. Providing you are happy with the amount offered to you for your jewellery, you get the money in your pocket straight away.

Sell on an online marketplace such as eBay. Your jewellery can be listed as an auction or buy it now item. There are pros and cons to this method but it can be an interesting way to sell.

Simply sell to a friend or family member – hassle free.

Give it away

A rewarding way to ‘dispose’ of your unwanted jewellery is to give it away. You may intend to leave it to someone in your will, so why not have the pleasure of giving it to them now. Or you know someone that has admired that piece for quite some time and it would give you great pleasure in gifting it to them.

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Simply take your unwanted jewellery to a jeweller who buys scrap precious metal and get your money instantly. But do consider that if it is set with valuable gemstones it may be better to have them removed first in case you wish to use them in the future.

Save for a rainy day

Storing unwanted jewellery is a valuable option. There may be a time in your life when you need the proceeds from a sale which can be put to good use. Jewellery doesn’t tend to lose value over time if anything it may increase.

Our favourite recommendation is:

Make a new piece!

If you aren’t happy with the design of your jewellery, incorporate it into a new piece.

Why not have your gemstones removed from your unwanted jewellery and have them set into a piece you would like. There is an element of risk to the gemstones when doing this as they can become chipped or damaged whilst being removed, but “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

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You could have your gemstones set in a popular piece or you may prefer them set in a bespoke piece.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, here at Diamonds Please and other businesses within the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham offer a valuable service and give free professional advice to many customers.

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