Wedding bands with a hidden message.

Bespoke Diamond Rings

More and more people are giving a personal touch their partners wedding band, adding a little more sentimental value to it. There are many ways to personalise a ring of matrimony. Some more easily done than others, and some more, or less expensive.

Here at Diamonds Please we have had the privilege of adding the final touch to many wedding bands. Some traditional ways, and some a little quirkier.

We have compiled a list of ways of adding a little something extra to your wedding rings. Some may be familiar to you, and some may not. Take a browse at our inspirational ideas.

Grooved wedding ring
Grooved wedding ring

Engraving and stamping

Engraving or stamping a wedding band is probably the most popular way of recording a simple, but heartfelt message. It gives meaning and doesn’t cost the earth. This can be done to the outside or inside of a wedding band. Obviously, if it is on the inside, it will be something that probably only the couple and their jeweller know about, and keeps it a little more personal.

We suggest:

  • His and hers names or initials
  • A pet name
  • The wedding date
  • A symbol – maybe intertwined hearts
  • A quote from a Holy book
  • The latitude and longitude GPS coordinates of somewhere special. (This is usually where the wedding ceremony takes place)
  • Forever
  • Always Yours
  • Love eternal
  • My Soulmate
  • Together Forever
  • My heart belongs to you
  • Now & Forever
  • Always Faithful
  • Infinity
  • I Love You
  • Te Amo (Spanish for “I Love You”)
  • Ti Amo (Italian for “I Love You”)
  • Je T’Aime (French for “I Love You”)
  • I Love You (In you chosen language)

A handwritten message – The customer hand writes a small message, passes it on to the jeweller who will then arrange for the message to be engraved onto the band. You can’t get more personal than that!

popular wedding bands

Stone set

Another, maybe more costly way to add sentimental value to your wedding band, is to have it stone set. Many men and women go for the simple sparkling shimmer of diamonds, although gemstones are also worth consideration. On a traditional wedding band, they are usually channel or pave set to the outer band.

double row diamond eternity ring

Some ladies like a less traditional band, not unlike a half eternity ring, and have it set in diamonds or gemstones of their choice.

A discrete way of having a gemstone set within a wedding band is to have it set to the inside of the ring. Perhaps the choice of gemstone is their birthstone, the birthstone of their partner, or the birthstone of their child/children. More birthstones can be added as the couple’s family grows.

This way of setting gemstones keeps it hidden from others, is a good choice for people who carry out a lot of manual work, and for men who don’t want the risk of appearing too effeminate.

When setting stones to a wedding band it is necessary to have the band deep enough to accommodate the depth of the stone.

Adding metal

Another way of expressing one’s love to your bride/bridegroom is to add a small, smooth and quite flat piece of precious metal to either the outer or inner side of the ring. A heart shape or a kiss would be perfect.

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